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Bring Dull furniture back to life with Natural Bee-wax Furniture Polish!

The Beeswax Polish is a great natural helper to polish, repair and restores the natural beauty of the wood. This beeswax can penetrate into the wood and provide a protective coating to the wood. It can bring a silky-smooth and shiny looking.

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  • Removes years of wax and dirt buildup to restore the look of your old furniture. This all-purpose Bee-wax not only cleans your wood furniture and wood cabinets but also polishes them to give them that natural shine!

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  • Works to remove scuff marks, grease, grime, and dirt from painted surfaces. Safe to use on all types of treated wood.

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  • Cleans and polishes wood floors as well! Simply aim, smear and wipe to watch years of buildup disappear before your eyes.



1. Polish Wooden Surfaces- The Bee-wax can Nourish wooden Surfaces and give the wood a silky and smooth feeling.

2. Reduce Starches and Cracks: The Bee-wax can form a rich and Glossy layer to cover all the Scratches and dry cracks resorting the natural beauty of the wood.

3. Water Resistant- The wax acts as a water proof coating to prevent any moisture substance from going into the wood.

4. Natural Ingredient: The Bee-wax is a natural gift that is non toxic . It’s 100% safe for children.

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