Photo Pendant Memory Floating Necklace

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Wow. Just… wow.


We don’t use the word “beautiful” a whole lot. It’s kind of overplayed. But oh my god, how else to describe this?


It’s not a normal necklace, that’s for sure. More like a work of art… with a secret.



Angel wings encircle a metal locket that opens to reveal 4 pictures of the people you love most.


It’s awesome. Open it up and the photos drop down connected like a chain.


There are so many things to love about it.

  • High quality. This doesn’t look like something you picked up at the mall. It’s more like that hidden gem waiting to be discovered at the back of an antique shop.
  • Stainless steel. No, it’s not platinum, but guess what? That’s a good thing. It’s strong, durable, and anyone can afford it.
  • Amazing colors. It’s so hard to choose. Silver, rose gold, yellow gold… we’ve even got 18k gold-plated so you can be all fancy if that’s your thing.
  • 4 photos. Hide 4 pictures of your most cherished loved ones inside the locket, where they can always be close to you.
  • Chain included. You don’t have to buy anything extra. The chain is included, and it’s just as gorgeous as the pendant.

Expandable Photo Locket – HacksOnUs

See it. Get it. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it.


Carry the people you love close to your heart.

 When pretty meets heartwarming, you know you’ve got a winner.
 Get it today, and the next time you’re feeling stressy or blue, open the locket, look at your memories, and take a breath.
 The stress will disappear. And there’s no price tag on happy.


Time to build our bond.

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