Mini Air Humidifier

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Make your study or Work Environment Healthier with a Balanced Humidity level in the Room, With This cute Mini Humidifier. 

 Spending several hours a day in a room with stuffy air can be very draining for your body.  Rooms that are too dry can worsened respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma, and poor skin health. 

Humidifiers put moisture back into the air, which prevents dry skin and irritation and helps reduce the risk of infections. Use essential oils to give your room a beautiful fresh smell.

The Lovely Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is USB operated and offers seven vibrant LED light color options. 

    SUPER QUIET: Runs quietly. It would not be disruptive while you sleep
    Large capacity,dry protection, infiltration and Moisturizing
    Automatic power failure protection, anti-dry
    Mini size, lightweight and compact, easy to carry.

    Each purchase includes:

    • humidifier
    • portable USB charger
    • user manual


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