Microfiber Car Cleaning Towel

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Hot sale Thickened Car Cleaning Towel Microfiber Coral Velvet Cloth Double Sided 🔥🚘

Without any chemicals, clean up all the dust, moisture, and unwanted remains from the surfaces!

You can spread the towel over the vehicle surface and pull to dust or soak up moisture. Water spots can be removed by wetting the towel slightly and rubbing the affected area.

Moreover, you can use the towel on the dashboard and console surfaces to pick up dust and haze. Dampen towel slightly to help remove stubborn stains without using chemicals! This Towel is super-absorbant, as well!

Moreover, this super-absorbant towel is perfect when drying your car after a good wash. The Royal Plush Drying Towel leaves your car with a scratch-free and streak-free shine. The Royal Plush Towel is a super absorbent towel made of unique technology plush microfiber. 

This Towel won't scratch the paintwork of your car! Purchase this Plush Towel for a very affordable price and get the product of great use with a little price! Due to very high customer demand, there are only a few amounts are left, so HURRY UP to get this amazing product!

The Super Absorbent Car Cleaning Towel is a microfiber towel that is ideal  for every job from wax and sealant removal to… | Car cleaning, Car wash, Microfiber  cloth

  • Plush Microfiber Washing Drying Towel
  • Car Cleaning Drying Cloth
  • Super Absorbent Car Wash Towel
  • Detailing Car Wash Towel For Toyota
  • Fiber Car Cleaning Cloth



Item Type:Car Cleaning Towel

Units: Pack of 2pcs


Material:Coral Velvet




Color:Yellow & Grey


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