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The world is in your hands, well it can certainly seem that way when you do crystal ball photography. The crystal ball allows you to take refraction photos, which reveal the background scene within the ball. It’s a great technique, with which many people are having a lot of fun.

The photographic technique has now become so popular that photographers have re-branded the crystal ball as a lensball! So the question that’s often asked is which lensball size is the correct one to buy? Which Size Lensball is Best for Crystal Ball Photography? - 3 sizes

Which size of the lensball is the best?  80mm ball.


The lensball is anything but 80mm, so all the way down to a marble. These balls are the easiest to pack and are considerably lighter than the other balls. So what are the strengths and weaknesses of this particular size?


  • Weight – These add almost no weight to your bag at all, and this also makes them easier to use for handheld photos.
  • Size – Again owing to their small size they’ll be easier to pack, giving you more space for other items. The smaller size also allows you to place the ball in gaps where the larger balls won’t fit.
  • Handheld – This size makes it easier to hold the ball between your finger and thumb, which becomes more difficult at larger sizes.
Which Size Lensball is Best for Crystal Ball Photography?
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Universal lens ball – Bulls Business
  • It’s light enough to hold between your finger and thumb.
  • It doesn’t take up much space in your bag.
  • It’s small enough to position in and on things like fences and ice-cream cones.
  • It’s a fun size to get you started.
  • An ideal companion for smartphone photography.