Neck Pillow for Cervical Pain

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The same relief you get at the chiropractor in the comforts of your own home. The DEXI OWL™ uses cervical neck traction to create space between the vertebrae and keep the spinal discs healthy. 

It’s essentially a miracle cure, that can provide instant neck pain relief. 


Experience instant and long term benefits. 

- Instant neck pain relief
- Improve posture
- Relieves migraines

The DEXI OWL cervical traction device is effective against: 

- Pinched nerves
- Muscle strain
- Neck stiffness
- Cervical neck spasms
- Herniated discs


Wear the DEXI OWL™ for just 15 minutes a day for pain relief that can last the entire day. 

Not only does it deliver instant relief, but you can see lasting results after daily usage. 

Wear it while working, traveling, or even relaxing -- no need to disrupt your daily schedule!


Neck pain arises when there is decreased space between the intervertebral discs, which causes issues such as decreased blood flow and pinched nerves. 

DEXI OWL™ handles both problems by neutralizing the weight placed on your neck muscles, allowing them to stretch and relax. 

This increases the amount of space between your intervertebral discs, which relieves pinched nerves and encourages better circulation. 

A single session provides instant relief, and daily use contributes to a healthier posture and alignment of the cervical discs.



If you sit at the computer often, travel frequently, or suffer injuries, then the

DEXI OWL™ is perfect for you. 

It’s been designed to keep your neck aligned during work, to be used as a travel companion on long drives and flights, and to help relieve pain caused by injuries. 

It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for neck pain relief!


-Place the device around your neck and close the velcro.
-Squeeze the pump to inflate. Control the air volume based on your preference. Be careful, over stretching may cause injury. 
-You are done pumping when your neck feels comfortable.Clamp the valve to prevent the air from leaking.
-For best results, we recommend using the device 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes per session.


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