Solar Auto Rotating Car Perfume

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Solar Energy Double Ring Suspension Rotating Air Freshener Aromatherap –  Seekadc

This eye catchy solar rings with air freshener is a go to accessory for your car. This operates 100% on solar power and doesn’t require any batteries. The rings feels like they are floating on each other. You can also use ring freshener which comes in the box which provides soothing fragrance in your car.

Rotating Auto Solar Car Air Freshener – maccul

Why DuoRing?

  • Compact Design
  • Powered by 100% Solar Energy
  • Floating Rings
  • Optional Fragrance ( You can use if you want to )
  • Cool Accessory For Your Car
  • High Efficiency Solar Cell
  • Can Be Used in Car, Home, Desk, etc.

Floating Car Air Freshener - WaltsonsTec™



Q1. Will it work in low sunlight?

A1. Yes, it will work in low sunlight.

Q2. Can I use this without fragrance?

A2. Yes, you can use it without fragrance as fragrance comes as a part of it. You can remove that.

Q3. Does this use batteries?

A3. No, it completely runs on solar energy.


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